Knowing the Difference Between Public and Private


I think some people may get confused when the authorities use the word private and what that word really means vs when we use the word private.  It was very difficult for me to make the separation as the word private is used in the public all the time.  However, even the public has ‘privacy’ issues but that is very different than me being in the private exclusively.

I still stand on the concept that the government and all their statutes, regulations, etc are for the ‘public’ only and have NO authority, jurisdiction or ownership in the private.  If they have records of you in their ‘public’ databases then they have a duty to ensure that is not shared with other people (keeping it private) but that information is still in the jurisdiction of the public and they are responsible for the safe keeping of that information.

When we register, apply or sign any documents or agreements with the state we are leaving the protection of the private and venturing into the public.  At that point we cross that line from the true ‘private’ into the jurisdiction of the ‘public’ and that is what I believe has occurred over the past few decades.  It is difficult living in the private because most everyone else is in the public.  I believe we are living under God’s jurisdiction if we stay in the private and accept NO benefits or privileges from the public.  I believe we are under the states jurisdiction when we live in the public and accept even some of their benefits and privileges.

They say unto him, Caesar’s. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.

I believe what this means is that division between the private and the public.  If Caesar has his image on it or provides it as a benefit or privilege then there is a duty to the public.  However, if it is a benefit or privilege granted to us by God then there is a duty to that and I believe it rests outside of the public and is in the private.  What I find very interesting is that I found a news article from February where a lawyer said almost exactly the same thing I just said and it demonstrates how some people have not figured this out yet.

This lady continued to bill the public system for her services in which she received a benefit and a privilege.  As such the court ruled that she owed the tax.  At the end of the article the Crown Prosecutor went on to say ‘Chobotar didn’t choose to live on an ‘island’ but benefited from taxpayer-funded services such as roads, police, fire protection and schools and the safety net that keeps society from falling apart.’  Pay unto Caesar as she also received the benefit of income straight from the public too!

With that said, if I choose to live on an ‘island’ – lets say Turtle Island, and I refuse all the benefits offered by the public then is tax payable?  Based on the research that I have done;  Nope!

As a side note, I found out that this article ha s been removed as I can no longer find it on line.  Interesting!

Know the difference between public and private!

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